Which is better? How free deepfake software compares to the millions Netflix spent on The Irishman's de-aging VFX

YouTuber iFake used free software to try to do what cost Netflix millions: de-age Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino in the hit movie The Irishman.

Watch how his compares to the real thing in the above side-by-side video. The software he used is free on Github.

iFake's work nominally improves upon the film, but is clearly less realistic. It shouldn't take away from the movie's accomplishments, which involved capturing infrared images of each scene and using footage from past movies to help make the actors appear younger. It is, however, an example of how low cost solutions may soon become more commonplace.

Wired on how Netflix's post-production used AI, too:

To create the various ages for someone like Sheeran, who goes from his early forties to his eighties in the movie, the team cataloged thousands of frames from movies ranging from Goodfellas to Casino. (Once Sheeran’s character hits his seventies, mostly everything was done with makeup, save for a few details.) They then made catalogs of images of noses, eyes, and mouths that they would use to make de-aged faces that could be placed into each scene. ILM also developed an artificial intelligence system that would take any frame they made and scour the full image library in an instant to give them reference images of what the actor should look like so that the team could check their work.

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