Huawei at IFA in Berlin, 2018. (Wikipedia)

The Carnegie Endowment AI surveillance report

Written by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the "Global Expansion of AI Surveillance" details the sweeping extent to which nations are employing surveillance worldwide.


A look at American companies supplying AI technology abroad: Palantir, IBM and Amazon

September 25th
American companies provide AI surveillance equipment and surveillance services to at least 32 countries.

Politics doesn't determine whether a government uses advanced AI surveillance — defense spending does

September 24th
Often touted as a potential tool for dictators, AI surveillance is more often found in advanced democracies like the United States and France.

China and Huawei are the world's leading suppliers of AI surveillance technology, according to a Carnegie report

September 23rd
The report claims that Chinese companies and the national government has sold some form of AI-enabled surveillance technology to 63 countries. Huawei alone has supplied 50 of them.