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Computer Science Fundamentals

Wrap your mind around computational thinking, from everyday tasks to algorithms.

Data Structures

The fundamental toolkit for the aspiring computer scientist or programmer.

Machine Learning

Advanced quantitative techniques to analyze data where humans fall short.

About Brilliant

Brilliant creates a culture of learning around inquiry, curiosity, and openness to failure. All of our courses are written with these principles of learning in mind.

Brilliant is made with the loving efforts of lifelong learners from MIT, Caltech, Duke, the University of Chicago, and more.

In school, people are often trained to apply formulas to rote problems. But this traditional approach prevents deeper understanding of concepts, reduces independent critical thinking, and cultivates few useful skills.

The capacity to think critically separates the great from the good. We can grow this capacity by trying — and often failing — to solve diverse, concrete problems.

Millions of people around the world are growing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills together on Brilliant, and we're studying what works and what doesn't. We put our learnings back into our product, content, and community development for your benefit.

Daily Challenges

Color What the Diagonal Touches

A diagonal of a rectangular grid cuts through some number of boxes on its way from one corner to the other. What determines the number?

Rectangle Multiplication

A geometric diagram can help us organize multiplication of large numbers. Is it possible to work backwards and find the multiplied numbers from the diagram?

What's the Square Side?

We can often use algebraic techniques to solve for unknowns, but sometimes geometric reasoning works just as well. What's the value of x?