Amazon is now selling the tech behinds its automated, cashierless Amazon Go markets

March 9th
Amazon Go's first market in Seattle. (Amazon)

Amazon is now offering to license the automation technology behind its cashierless markets to competitors. It's called Just Walk Out (JWO).

JWO will use the same tech that operates Amazon Go, the company's burgeoning automated market chain, which allows customers to scan their Go app as they enter the store, take what they want to purchase and then walk out, all without interacting with an employee.

JWO uses cameras and sensors to track customers while they shop, recognize the items they pick up, and send customers a receipt after they've left the store.

The company thinks the technology will appeal to retailers beyond groceries as well.

Dilip Kumar, Amazon's VP of physical retail and technology, told Reuters:

This has pretty broad applicability across store sizes, across industries, because it fundamentally tackles a problem of how do you get convenience in physical locations, especially when people are hard-pressed for time.

According to its site, Amazon already operates 25 Amazon Go markets across the US that offer premade meals and snacks. The company opened a full fledged supermarket in Seattle in February.

While Amazon's e-commerce platform outsells most other retailers, its automation and cloud services make it more money, and allow the giant to sell the tech it uses to run its on-site personalization services and a myriad of other, more surprising products, like Satellite Ground Station as a Service.