A look at what Google's COVID-19 relief site could be

March 13th

On March 13, President Trump announced that Google is building a COVID-19 website that will help people decide whether they sould be tested and help them find a testing facility.

While it's impossible to know all site details before its scheduled March 15 launch, Google has indicated that the site will include its life sciences company, Verily.

According to CNBC, Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote the following to employees in an internal memo on Thursday, March 12:

The good news is that a planning effort is underway to use the expertise in life sciences and clinical research of Verily in partnership with Google to aid in the COVID-19 testing effort in the U.S.

Verily is a life sciences company started as a research project of Google X, but was later spun out as a subsidiary to Alphabet, Google's parent company. Verily is behind about a dozen ambitious medical projects, from stabilizing spoons for tremors patients to surgical robotics technology and Project Baseline, which is a burgeoning database of human health data.

In his memo, Pichai claimed that Baseline would play a role in their COVID-19 relief efforts, though it's not clear whether Trump was referring to Baseline during his state of emergency announcement on Friday, March 13.

From Pichai's memo:

As more test kits become available, the planners are looking to develop a pathway for public health and healthcare agencies to direct people to our Baseline website, where individuals who are at higher risk can be directed to testing sites based on the latest guidance from public health authorities.