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Chinese AI startup Megvii still plans an IPO despite US blacklist

October 18th

Facial recognition company Megvii, one of China's largest AI startups, previously said the blacklisting could hurt its IPO push.

OpenAI taught its robot to solve a rubil's cube one-handed

October 17th

The feat was a step toward general-pupose robotics, according to the company.

MIT is reviewing research relationship with SenseTime following US blacklist

October 16th

The two began their "MIT-SenseTime Alliance" last year, and provided funding for over 20 ambitious projects across MIT.

Facebook releases Captum, a tool it says will help explain the decisions made by its machine learning frameworks

October 15th

Captum pulls data from neural networks mid-task.

DABUS, an AI that created two patentable products, is now a patent itself

October 14th

For months, the debate over whether a non-human can be listed as an inventor on a patent has focused on DABUS's inventions. Now, DABUS itself is patented.

Microsoft's artist-in-residence creates a two-story structure "where architecture and artificial intelligence merge"

October 13th

The hanging installation inside Microsoft's Redmond campus reacts to people's behavior in real time.

California will ban police use of facial recognition technology for 3 years

October 11th

The Body Camera Accountability Bill will go into effect on January 1, 2020.

The US blacklists a swath of Chinese AI companies and government bureaus

October 9th

The companies and government bodies are targeted for their treatment of ethnic minorities.

The vast majority of deepfake videos aren't political, they're pornographic

October 8th

A new study has found that 96% of deepfake videos online are pornographic.

Meng Wanzhou's lawyers say Canadian border officers mishandled her arrest and handed information to the FBI

October 7th

To fight impending extradition hearings, Meng Wanzhou's team has poked holes in the way she was first arrested.