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DeepMind's AI researchers are discovering things about the human brain

January 20th

Which is better? How free deepfake software compares to the millions Netflix spent on The Irishman's de-aging VFX

January 17th

Netflix used new cameras and AI to de-age Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino. A YouTuber attempted to improve it using new software.

Interested in quantum computing? Here are the big players and their goals

January 15th

The emerging industry is a new center for tech and national competition. It's also finding a place in cloud computing.

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The White House wants to relax AI regulations

January 13th

The US's CTO made the case for light regulations to compete with China.

Samsung patents and showcases NEON, its 'artificial human' project

January 8th

The real world use of these digital avatars is anyone's guess, but patent filings suggest they'll be used in movies and entertainment.

The US bans exports of AI software that analyzes satellite imagery

January 6th

The national security law will prevent US companies from exporting technology used to find people, places of interest and environmental data from satellite photos.

Watch Ctrl Shift Face's new video: Home Stallone

January 3rd

Videos like this open the door to remix dramas and alternative film edits.

Google Health AI beats radiologists in breast cancer detection

January 2nd

While it still needs to be tested in clinical trials, the technology could become "a second pair of eyes and a safety net."

Google, Apple, Amazon and others are writing royalty-free smart home connectivity standards

December 30th

The working group are working together "to increase compatibility among smart home products, with security as a fundamental design tenet."

How Facebook and Google's AI agents fare in advanced math

December 26th

To teach AI agents to tackle advanced math problems, researchers are increasingly using techniques reserved for language processing.