Watch an AI train itself in Super Mario Bros. 2 live

March 30th

The AI has been training in the final lost level of the game for over a month now, using an algorithm that mimics evolutionary biology.

What's Nick Bostrom's simulation argument?

March 27th

Our descendants may have created our world to study how their ancestors lived, Bostrom argues.

Chinese researchers claim to have built an AI that forecasts COVID-19 patient survival rates

March 25th

Researchers worked with doctors from Wuhan to train an AI on blood samples to analyze and predict patients' chances of survival.

The ethical puzzle behind autonomous vehicles

March 20th

Autonomous vehicles are steadily becoming safer than human drivers, but questions remain: if possible, should the AI prioritize passenger safety, or save the youngest person involved in an accident?

The AlphaGo full length documentary is on YouTube

March 19th

The free release of AlphaGo is the perfect way to pass the time while at home.

YouTube and other platforms will increase their "reliance on automated systems" as COVID-19 upends employee schedules

March 17th

Large tech companies

A look at what Google's COVID-19 relief site could be

March 13th

CEO Sundar Pichai has said that efforts will involve Verily, Alphabet's life sciences company, which is behind a number of AI-enabled medical research projects.

Deepfake: Willem Dafoe as Hannibal Lecter

March 11th

Deepfake artist Ctrl Shift Face's latest video swaps Anthony Hopkins for Willem Dafoe (and maybe someone else) in The Silence of the Lambs.

Amazon is now selling the tech behinds its automated, cashierless Amazon Go markets

March 9th

The company's Just Walk Out technology tracks users inside its stores with cameras and sensors. Amazon now wants to license that technology to its competitors.

Chinese automaker Geely is launching its own satellite system for autonomous vehicles

March 6th

Geely says its low-orbit network will help create "more accurate navigation systems that can pinpoint locations by the centimetre, not metres."