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Police body cams and Burmese language data: Facebook CTO says their AI moderation is "pushing the frontier"

November 11th

Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer, spoke with FT about the giant task of judging subtlety on the platform.

What makes the AI writer GPT-2 so interesting? It proves that automated text "requires less philosophical sophistication than we thought."

November 8th

The tool writes very well, but isn't intelligent. What does that say about writing?

OpenAI publishes a text generating AI it previously called too dangerous to release

November 7th

The startup previously released smaller versions of the model.

People in the News

DeepMind's AlphaStar AI now beats 99.8% of Starcraft II players

November 5th

AlphaStar lost to a top-tier opponent, but experts say it's only a matter of time until it's the best in the world.

Microsoft releases a "topic mining" tool that creates Wikipedia-like knowledge resources for companies

November 4th

The technology will allow employees to explore data and jump across documents, personel profiles, and automated project pages.

Neural networks: a computing model inspired by the human brain

November 1st

A pivotal technology in AI that enables machines to discover and recognize patterns and objects.

How the cloud computing market relies on artificial intelligence

October 31st

The cloud is one of the most prominent tech buzzwords of the last decade. But as companies and services increasingly rely on a handful of cloud providers to keep their business running, the market has moved from hosting to something more complicated.

Why China and other countries are building alternatives to GPS

October 30th

For some, it's about security. For others, it's about fear: the US has refused countries access to GPS before, and many think it will do so again.

Social media app TikTok is the latest target in US concern over Chinese tech companies

October 29th

The video sharing app was the most downloaded app in the US last year.

Microsoft wins the Pentagon's long-contested JEDI cloud computing contract

October 28th

Amazon was the favorite for much of the yearlong bidding process.