The many experimental applications of GPT-2, the most advanced text generator to date

May 30th

A look at the otherworldy scope of AI chips

May 24th

Their size to traditional chips are larger by an order of magnitude, and are designed to support the brain-like architecture of neural networks.

Salesforce's economic simulations have created some very unexpected tax models

May 18th

Its AI Economist sets policy for numberous AI agents inside of many different economy simulations.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020's AI maps and real time weather is worth knowng about, even for none flight sim fans

May 13th

The game recreates the world's landscapes, cities, airports and weather.

Turn yourself into an SVG with Pose Animator, a deep learning recognition tool

May 11th

The browser-based demo and repository animates a character in real time based on your movement.

DeepMind sets its sights on an annoying and maybe world-threatening phenomenon: specification gaming

April 30th

Everything you need to get started making models and visualizations using COVID-19 data

April 28th

MIT has ended its partnership with Chinese AI firm iFlyTek

April 23rd

iFlyTek is the latest Chinese company whose relationship with MIT has fallen under scrutiny.

Deepfake: Watch Jim Carrey stand in for Jack Nicholson in The Shining

April 21st

The video is the latest post from deepfake artist Ctrl Shift Face.

An MIT machine learning model predicts a plateau in the US, and an "exponential explosion" if lockdown ends early

April 17th

The model, built with COVID-19 data from earlier this year, isolates lockdowns and quarantines as key in halting the spread of the virus.