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Microsoft updates privacy policy to clearly state that humans listen to Skype and Cortana audio

August 16th

Motherboard found updated language in privacy statements.

ByteDance, owner of TikTok and the AI-powered news app Toutiao, releases a search engine

August 12th

Toutiao Search returns a mix of web results and content from ByteDance apps.

Many of China's best AI researchers seek positions outside the country

August 9th

Ten years ago, Beijing led a nationwide push to produce AI talent. Today, nearly three-quarters of China's top researchers work abroad.

Motherboard speaks with a Microsoft contractor who reviews Skype call audio

August 7th

The interview describes how contractors listen to real call recordings to review and improve Skype's live translation feature

Amazon adds option allowing users to disable human reviews of their Alexa recordings

August 2nd

The move comes after Bloomberg discovered in April the company uses contractors and employees to review audio clips recorded by Alexa

Google tells privacy watch dog that it ceased manual Google Assistant audio clip reviews

August 2nd

The Germany privacy watch dog informed Google that its manual review of audio clips was in violation of GDPR

Apple suspends human review of Siri recordings

August 1st

Following a Guardian report that contractors listen to sexual acts and other private encounters, Apple has suspended its manual review program.

Apple uses contractors to review Siri recordings, including those made on accident

July 26th

The Guardian spoke with a contractor who described listening to sexual encounters, patient-doctor conersations, and drug deals.

Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI

July 24th

The two are "Partnering to develop a hardware and software platform within Microsoft Azure which will scale to artificial general intelligence."

Bloomberg talks to Amazon contractors who review Alexa recordings

April 10th

Amazon employs contractors and full-time employees to listen to, transcribe and annotate recordings to improve Alexa's responses