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An AI-developed drug has entered human trials for the first time ever

February 13th

The AI developed the medication in 12 months, far faster than the average amount of time researchers take to create new molecules.

Trump Administration proposes large increases in AI and quantum computing R&D spending

February 11th

The White House has earmarked the technologies for a 2021 budget increase, with the ultimate goal of doubling current funding by 2022.

Microsoft is investing $40 million in an "AI for Health" initiative

February 7th

The program will try to counteract healthcare's AI talent shortage.

People in the News

Sensetime has created the "largest face forgery detection dataset" ever to find deepfakes

February 5th

Sensetime's dataset and benchmark have created perhaps the largest and most accurate deepfake detection model to date.

Elon Musk says Tesla will hire AI talent with whom he'll "meet/email/text almost every day"

February 3rd

Musk said he's looking to hire researchers for Autopilot, the company's autonomous driving system, and is promising to host a hackathon at his house.

London police will deploy live facial recognition cameras

January 29th

The system will use cameras trained to match suspect images with passersby.

Text automation tools are easier than ever to use, meaning anyone (even you) can learn natural language processing

January 27th

The publishing of GPT-2 and ALBERT may democratize NLP.

ByteDance has developed a deepfake face swapping feature for TikTok, but hasn't released it

January 24th

The feature allows users to scan their face and place it on people in a list of curated videos.

Where do tech bosses and politicians stand on AI regulation?

January 22nd

This list will change over time.

DeepMind's AI researchers are discovering things about the human brain

January 20th