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A new deepfake shows Nixon give a speech he prepared in casega the moon landing failed

December 4th

The speech was prepared in case of tragedy. MIT researchers are using it as an example of the power of disinformation.

Go champion Lee Sedol retires, says that AI is unbeatable

December 2nd

The Go champion, who lost in the high profile 2016 tournament against AlphaGo, is also the only human to have beaten it.

The History of Neural Networks

November 27th

For nearly as long as the scientific community has understood what the brain's neural networks do, professors, enthusiasts and R&D departments have been trying to replicate them in machines.

People in the News

Leaked documents shed light on China's "Orwellian" predictive crime toolkit

November 25th

Internal documents show the extent to which Chinese authorities use machine learning to flag citizens.

Researchers train an AI text generator on extremist ideology to show how easy it is to create propaganda

November 22nd

Wired spoke with researchers using OpenAI's newly released GPT-2 text creator, considered by many to be the most sophisticated AI text writer today.

Megvii will seek approval for Hong Kong IPO of at least $500m

November 19th

Facial recognition company Megvii, one of China's largest AI startups, previously said the blacklisting could hurt its IPO push.

Elon Musk says Neuralink will cure disease and "address the existential risk associated with digital superintelligence"

November 15th

Musk went into detail on his AI startup for the first time in months on November 12.

Police body cams and Burmese language data: Facebook CTO says their AI moderation is "pushing the frontier"

November 11th

Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer, spoke with FT about the giant task of judging subtlety on the platform.

The AI writer GPT-2 proves that automated text "requires less philosophical sophistication than we thought."

November 8th

The tool writes very well, but isn't intelligent. What does that say about writing?

OpenAI publishes a text generating AI it previously called too dangerous to release

November 7th

The startup previously released smaller versions of the model.